Healthcare AI Talent Acquisition Platform
Machine Learning/Neural  Technology - Specific to Your Positions - Not a Job Board
"Combining Talent with Analytics"
Combining analytics with recruitment, our Talentlytical® Talent Acquisition Platform targets lowering cost-per-hire by reducing recruiting fees and improving candidate quantity, quality, and speed-to-hire, which provides ROI through our 12-month placement guarantee. 
Recruiting  Physicians, Nurses, Therapists,  Pharmacy, Admin,  Sales, IT,  Lab, Allied Health, and most clinical and non-clinical positions. 
What Talentlytical® Does For You?
Significant ROI
Talentlytical® significantly improves candidate time-to-hire and quality while lowering overall recruiting costs for our employer partners. We work with hospitals, healthcare providers, industry companies, and start-ups, providing "talent that differentiates." 
12-Month Placement Guarantee
Provides a 12-month placement guarantee on all direct hires. If your employee resigns or is terminated within one year, we will replace the employee with another hire. It is the BEST GUARANTEE in the industry.
Fixed Recruiting Fees; Not Percentage of Salary 
Most recruiting firms charge a percentage of the salary as their fee. Depending on the position, fees can range from 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, OR MORE. Our's fees are fixed based on the type of position. Your savings are a minimum of 35% on each placement. 
Access to Healthcare Professionals Beyond Job Boards 
We specialize in recruiting physicians, nurses,  technicians, therapists, pharmacy, lab, allied, admin, and most other clinical and non-clinical roles.  Talentlytical's® AI technology provides access to over 1B data points that create candidate flows 2-3X more than what you are getting now. 
Qualified Applicants in 3-5 Days
One of Talentlytical's® true advantages is our ability to significantly source, recruit, and screen qualified applicants in 3-5 days. That's why we developed our proprietary Talentlytical® Platform so we can put qualified resumes to be in your hands within 3-5 days for any position.
"Talentlytical® is  21st Century Recruiting for 
Telehealth, Healthcare, or Any Industry!"
Bruce Molloy
Creative Healthcare
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